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Army Museum Guided Tours

The Army museum contains over 500.000 object and is the pride of the city. The various tanks, rockets, uniforms, vehicles and other militaria make this museum definitely worth a visit.
There are various guided tours available depending on the subjects that interests you. Of course it also possible to combine a tour in the museum with a guided tour through the city itself; a great way to learn all about the city and visiting several places!
Scroll down or click on the following links to view all the available tours.

The Eighty Years’ War
Golden Age and Napoleonic Era
Second World War
Modern Missions
  This is the most versatile tour that the museum has to offer; it shows the best and most interesting objects. The tour is not limited to one specific era but attends several. It starts with the Roman era and ends in the 21st century. Discover the successful tactics of the Romans, look at beautiful ivory pistols (16th century), see the first Dutch Army machinegun and much more. This tour is for young and old, man or woman, army-enthusiast or layman; the goal was to create an interesting tour for every visitor!
Duration: 1 hour
  The Eighty Years’ War:
  This is a unique tour in the museum because of the cardinal role Delft played in this war of independence (1568-1648). Thanks to the weapons and suits of armour, a good understanding of how people fought in the 16th and 17th century will be achieved. Seemingly strange tactics will be explained while you explore the world of the musketeers, cavalry, Prince Maurice and William of Orange. Combined with a city tour this is a great way to see Delft in its historic golden years.
Duration: 1 hour
  Golden Age and Napoleonic Era:
  Luckily, many objects from these eras have been preserved and are currently on display in the museum. Take a look at 16th century weaponry and gain more in-depth knowledge of the (controversial) moral during the Golden Age. This ‘easy and relaxed’ moral in those days was one of the main reasons that the tiny Dutch republic became the wealthiest nation in the world! Interesting uniforms are also on display. There are even some uniforms where we know who actually wore them! Your guide will tell you the interesting anecdotes. The Dutch mercenary Anthony van Tellegen for example; he fought for Napoleon and managed to become a general later on. If you would like to know more of these fascinating eras then this tour is the one for you.
Duration: 1 hour
  Second World War:
  This tour sheds more light on the early days of the Second World War in the Netherlands. Hitler’s troop were poised to capture all of Holland in just one day, but because of the staunch resistance it took five days. Key elements of the Dutch defence were the flak batteries and strips of land flooded as a defence line. Your guide will explain how and why this tactic was chosen. Several anti-aircraft guns are on display; as well as a full-scale trench and several original uniforms used in the early days of the war. Listen to the (unfortunate) stories of German soldiers dressed up in Dutch uniforms and of the failed German plan to capture the queen using fallschirmjager (paratroops). Review both the Dutch defence and German attack plans and decide for yourself if the national leaders made the right choices. At the end of the tour an authentic Willy-jeep of our Prince Bernhard is displayed, and you will also have the rare opportunity to see and touch real bullets.Duration: 1 hour

  Modern Missions:
  This is the latest and most modern guided tour in the Army museum. It discusses several recent missions such as Lebanon, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Your guide served five years with the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps and can tell you firsthand what it is like to be on a mission. This is the chance to talk to an old soldier and ask what it is like to be in Iraq or Afghanistan. This tour definitely ‘opens eyes’ and improves the understanding of what really happens in trouble spots around the world. The museum houses several original objects, weapons mines and vehicles from real-life warzones. This includes a jeep still covered with (real!) Afghan dust and an armoured personnel carrier from the former Yugoslavia.Duration: 1 hour