Guided City Walk in Center of Delft

The city center has many interesting spots that deserve a visit.
The tour starts and ends at the historical market square near the grand statue of Hugo Grotius.
First you will see the New Church (1396 AD) and afterwards you will learn all there is to know about the Dutch East India Company (EIC). Delft housed one of the six Chambers that constituted the EIC and therefore has a rich maritime history.

The guided tour continues towards the old house of Johannes Vermeer and after this visit we continue towards the old trade center. Discover how the (creative) local authorities tried to raise new trade-taxes near the De Waag-building (the weighhouse) and visit the beautiful building where our famous butter was traded: the Butterhouse. Next stop is the historical Prinsenhof: the court of William of Orange. This is where William led the heroic rebellion against the Spanish in the 16th century.

In 1584 the prince was assissinated in the Prinsenhof, your guide will show you how, why and where it took place. The bullet holes in the wall are still visible today and serve as grim reminder of this important day in Dutch history!

Prices for a Guided Tour in City Center

You pay a tour price for the entire group per guide. Maximum of 25 participants per guide. Depending on how many guides are needed and your tour duration a tour price will be set for you. Price of the guided tour includes 21%-VAT.