Visit New & Old Church with guide

Churches are fantastic to visit, but is it not far more interesting to have a personal guide with you who can tell you all about the fascinating history? A guided tour is a great way to experience the city.

Delft has several beautiful churches but the Old and the New Church really stand out. The New Church is the final resting place for our Royal Family since the death of our ‘Father of the Fatherland’: William of Orange in 1584. His magnificent (white and black) marble tomb lies within this church: a must-see for anyone visiting the city. Your guide will tell you the touching anecdotes and will explain the interesting symbolism of the beautiful sculptures that enclose the tomb. When a member of the Royal Family passes away, a grand procession through the city follows: for example in 2002 when our Prince Claus died. One of our guides even participated in this procession while in military service! He will be happy to tell you everything there is to know about this unique event.
The ambiance in the Old Church is different but phenomenal as well. In this church you will find the sepulchers of several famous inhabitants of Delft: the discoverer of microbiology (Anthony van Leeuwenhoek), the world-famous 17th-century painter Johannes Vermeer and Piet Hein: the navy admiral who captured one of the Spanish treasure-fleets. Another highlight in Delft is the Prinsenhof: the ‘headquarters’ where William of Orange led the rebellion against the Spanish occupier in the 16th century. This is also the place where William was assassinated; the bullet-holes in the wall are still visible!

Thanks to the beautifully preserved buildings, Delft still breathes that authentic medieval atmosphere!

Duration of the tour: 2 hours